lundi 6 octobre 2014

Main Memory of A Computer

Column of cells attached to the address (memory), a small amount of information is stored in the cells of each main memory. This information is an instruction to teach what to do on the computer in some cases. Also, the data for which the computer executes the instruction is also stored in the cell. The stores either of these, all of the cells to store the instruction when it is again, the data when there.

In general, the contents of the memory cell can be rewritten at any time. That is close to the graffiti book and rather than slate.

The number of cells and the size of each cell is very different for each computer. A technique for implementing the memory may have changed significantly over time. How the electromagnetic relay, through the waves to the spring and (mercury delay line) tube containing the mercury followed were used at first.transistors tv (magnetic core memory) is used for the permanent magnets arranged in the following. Are used mainly (DRAM) integrated circuit including a transistor and capacitor of millions on one semiconductor chip is now.

Arithmetic unit to perform (such as comparing the contents of the two bytes of whether equal) logical operations AND and arithmetic, OR, and NOT basic arithmetic operations such as (such as addition and subtraction), comparison operations, and shift operations is a device. I said that the part that performs the work of a true (information processing) in the computer.

Taught to the ALU chasing which byte is whether the instructions stored computer is currently running in memory, the which instructions are to be performed, is received from the memory the information needed to run, the control unit running properly result I will do the work and carry the memory location such. Upon completion of the work of these once, fly to the next instruction (usually, the next instruction is located in the memory address of the next, but in a different location if the instruction is a jump instruction) control unit.

When referring to the memory, which may use a different addressing modes to specify the address associated with the memory of the current instruction. Some support two or more processors in the computer's motherboard. It is common to use multiple processors or two in the computer server.

This is intended to allow the (also referred to as I / O) inputs and outputs the computer or obtain information from the outside world, or back to the external calculation results. Enter that when viewed from the outside, and sends the information to a computer, and outputs to obtain information from the computer and vice versa.

The input and output interface, input / output device (I / O device) is connected. For example, from the familiar keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer and monitor, magnetic disk drive, optical drive, such as a network interface, up to things like data glove and three-dimensional display, a wide range of things to exist as I / O device.

Input / output device is roughly (magnetic disk device, such as interface) to that combines (monitor and printer), and inputs and outputs for the purpose of (a keyboard, scanner), and outputs those to get input mainly I can be.